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Spark Program 

Busse & Reid, in partnership with Celebrate EDU, offer the Spark Program.  This program is a combination of on-line curriculum and activities, along with weekly face-to-face training in our office.  

What is the Spark Program?

The Spark program is an online curriculum that teaches entrepreneurial skills to young adults with developmental disabilities or unique learning profiles.  Our program is geared toward individuals, ages 15-40, with an interest in learning what it takes to start a business.  The program is made up of video lessons, interactive worksheets and activities.  

Why entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurs have defined the world that we live in.  When you think about it, nothing we have would exist if it weren't for entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs control their futures by pursuing their dreams and charting their own paths.  Individuals with disabilities are twice as likely to be self-employed than the general population and their minds are organized around strengths that Supported Entrepreneurship can help illuminate.  We believe that by encouraging individuals to focus on their strengths and interests, we can tap into their potential and encourage happier and more productive lives.  

What do we teach?

Our broad scope of lessons help young adults explore career opportunities, hep those who are deciding what type of venture they could start, and help individuals who already have a business idea.  The Spark Program is divided into the following 12 sections:

1. Introduction to the Spark Program

2. Fundamentals of the support Entrepreneurship

3. Choose your business

4. Identify business strategy

5. Finding customers

6. Competitive advantage

7. Business etiquette

8. Revenue & pricing

9. The SPARK canvas

10. Talk about your business

11. Spark summary

How long is the program?

The Spark Program is a flexible curriculum that allowed you to take the classes at your own pace.  Some ambitious individuals may want to rush through the lessons as fast as possible, however we have built in restrictions to prevent that.  Over the course of 8 weeks, new content is made available to individuals to ensure that everyone receives the greatest benefit from the program.  The ideal amount of time to work through the courses is 10 to 16 weeks.  However, you will have access for the full year and can revisit the lessons at anytime.