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Payment options

Payment is made at the time of the session.  We accept cash, check, credit cards, insurance, and county service dollars as forms of payment.  Remember you may also use your FSA or HSA to pay for your sessions.  

Clients may choose to pay for their counseling apart from insurance companies. To have therapy services covered under insurance, you must have a mental health diagnosis.  Private paying clients often desire to have their permanent health record void of their mental health diagnosis, and prevent insurance companies from having legal access to their diagnosis, treatment plan and case notes containing a great deal of personal information.

As a private paying client you can be assured of the following:
 - No contact needed with a third-party pay  (i.e. insurance company)
 - Ability to choose your counselor based on the needs and values you desire
 - Ability to determine length of treatment and care

You can be confident that your care and personal information is held to the highest standard of privacy allowed by Minnesota laws and statutes.

Clients who wish to use insurance benefits, please check with your provider regarding in network and out of network coverage.  

Services not covered by insurance:
 - 60 minute educational  consultation with parents 
 - LINKS Social Coaching Groups 
 - Individual Social Coaching

- Parent Coaching

- SPARK program

Client Portal 

Clients can make payments toward services and send secure messages to their provider in their client portal account.  Create a client accounting using the sign-up link.  Once your account is created you can use the login link to make secure payments for services and co-pays and send messages.  

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