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LINKS Social coaching 

LINKS Social Groups are a time for individuals (school age and young adults) to socialize and have fun.  Individuals may have challenges with ASD, ADHD, OCD, FAS, Anxiety.  Peer mentors (neurotypical peers), volunteer their time from various local schools to engage with the participants.  

The group leaders are licensed counselors and special educators 
    Kim Busse M.Ed, MA, LPCC
    Amy Reid M.Ed, MA, LPCC

LINKS Social Groups are designed for individuals who are able to work and communicate safely in a small group setting and are able to independently manage self-care needs.    
LINKS Social Group Expectations
    Attend weekly
    Actively join in group activities
    Portray a positive attitude    
LINKS Social Groups offer an opportunity to...
    Build relationships and connections with peers in their same age range
    Practice social interaction and communication skills
    Develop skills toward generalizing across different environments
    Engage in games and activities to practice social skills
    Practice self-regulation skills and mindfulness techniques
    Develop and use problem solving skills
    Develop relationships and practice skills with peer mentors

LINKS Social Group Session Details
    Offered 4 times per year (winter, spring, summer and fall)
    Meet once per week for 1 hour 15 minutes
    Session are 10 - 12 weeks 
    Minimum: 5
    Maximum: 15 (additional groups will be added if needed)

    Groups are offered for Elementary, Middle School, and High School ages

    Adults (18+) meet monthly on the second Tuesday in the evening

Optional Community Activities will be offered at the end of each session.  During the summer session, Community Activities will be part of the weekly sessions.  

New participants are required to schedule a 30-45 minute intake session with Busse & Reid leaders prior to starting with the group.  Email registration@bussereid.com to request an intake

Returning participants please email registration@bussereid.com to secure a spot 

Cancellation: If group needs to be canceled due to weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances, a decision will be made by 3:00pm the day of the group.  Cancellations will be posted on the home page as well as an email, text and/or phone call to each participants family