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School based asd evaluations

Evaluations with written reports include some or all of the items listed based on the needs of the student:
        Structured Developmental Interview/History with Parent(s)
        Autism Checklists/Rating Scales
        Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS)
        Social/Behavioral Skills Checklists
        Classroom Observations/Student Interviews
        Adaptive Behavior Scales
        Transition Skills
        MN State Eligibility Criteria

Evaluations may include:
        ASD evaluation planning with IEP/assessment team
        Collaboration with IEP team members
        Attendance at IEP meetings
        Oral and written evaluation report
        Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA)
        Behavior support plan
        Program and strategy recommendations*
        Assistance with IEP goals (educational needs)*
        Consultation with parents (at district request)*

* All results guaranteed to be provided within 30 school days by MN state licensed staff in ASD